Pinnacle hip litigation verdict

Jury Gives Pinnacle Verdict of $497.6 Million

Johnson & Johnson has been hit hard with a $497.6 million Pinnacle hip replacement verdict

A $497.6 million verdict was awarded to five individuals with defective Pinnacle hip implants. Out of the $497.6 million, approximately $360 million of damages were punitive. The Pinnacle hip replacement verdict came today out of a bellwether trial in Dallas, Texas heard in front of Judge Ed Kinkeade of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas. All five plaintiffs suffered from severe pain, bone erosion, tissue loss, and metallosis (metal poisoning) among other problems.

“The victims further claimed that DePuy’s design was defective; the company failed to give adequate warnings; and Johnson & Johnson aided and abetted in misrepresentations that rose to the level of fraud.” – MarketWatch Press Release: Dallas Jury Awards Nearly $500 Million Against J&J Unit in Bellwether Hip Implant Trial

Pinnacle hip replacements are metal-on-metal (MoM) hips. MoM hips have had significant problems with metal poisoning and loosening failures. This often requires revision surgery. The Depuy ASR hip was recalled.  Pinnacle metal-on-metal hips were manufactured from 2002-2012. While never recalled, they had many of the same issues which often required revision. Depuy actually pulled the Pinnacle metal liners off the market in 2013.  Depuy ASR hips and Pinnacle hips are both owned by Johnson & Johnson.

GoldenbergLaw has successfully represented victims of hip replacement failures for over four years.  This includes Pinnacle, Stryker, ASR, Wright Medical, Biomet, Durom Cup and Smith & Nephew.  These metal-on-metal hips continue to fail and require revision surgery. Please contact GoldenbergLaw attorney Laura Pittner at 612-436-5027 for more information or referrals.

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