Will We See More Stryker Hip Settlements in 2014?

Stryker Hip Settlements in 2013:

So far, four Stryker hip cases have settled in mediation in New Jersey State Court. These cases were among the ten chosen by the parties and Judge Martinotti for mediation in late 2013. As part of the terms, the settlement amounts will not be disclosed.

Currently, over 500 more cases are filed in New Jersey State Court. There are 4 more cases that are on Judge Martinotti’s mediation schedule for January 2014. If these cases end up settling, it is very possible that the amounts will also remain confidential. We expect to see more cases scheduled for mediation in the near future.

What does this mean for the other 500 cases in New Jersey?

Right now, it cannot be determined. However, it is important to keep in mind is that this litigation is progressing at a promising rate. The fact that we are seeing any Stryker hip settlements only 1.5 years post-recall is positive news. DePuy ASR hips were recalled in 2010 and are just now starting to settle. Stryker recalled their Rejuvenate and ABG II hips in July 2012.

We are encouraged that cases are settling and are committed to pursuing future settlements.

Why speak with an attorney now?

It is vital that Stryker hip recipients who do not have an attorney speak with one as soon as possible. It takes time to work up these cases and conduct an expert review; medical records alone take months to come in.

In addition, people who wait until they start seeing settlement amounts to pursue their claim risk their case being barred by the statute of limitations. Each state has different laws governing statutes of limitations, and recipients should not try to figure out what that date would be on their own. It is a very complex calculation that only an attorney can accurately determine.

If you have not yet discussed your case with an attorney, contact us for a free consultation.