DePuy Pays Doctors for Patients’ Signed Consent Forms

In the years leading up to the DePuy ASR recall, DePuy blamed orthopedists for the increasing failure rates. They accused doctors of installing them incorrectly and maintained that, if installed properly, the hip system would perform up to the industry standard. It is surprising to see that the bonds between doctors and DePuy representatives have not weakened since DePuy’s recall in August, 2010.

After the initiation of the recall, doctors were given a guide to follow that allowed DePuy to take more control on how the situation was handled. This guide equipped doctors with sample letters as well as scripts on how to discuss the recall with patients. It also went over how they would reimburse doctors for their “administrative activities associated with identifying and notifying patients.”

In addition to reimbursing the orthopedist for the office visit, DePuy interestingly is paying them a monetary incentive for each ASR recipient they get to sign the consent form. Written in the guide for surgeons, DePuy offers $50 for each signed consent form they receive.
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