Metal-on-Metal Hips

Metal-on-metal hips were once touted to offer many benefits, including durability, stability, and longevity. However, within a few years of their peak use, many orthopedic surgeons have abandoned them altogether. There have been several recalls, namely the DePuy ASR and Stryker Rejuvenate/ABG II. Other MoM hips, such as the DePuy Pinnacle, have been phased off the market but not necessarily recalled. Other metal-on-metal hips, or devices that can be used in a metal-on-metal implant, include Stryker Accolade femoral stem, Biomet M2a, Smith and Nephew Hips, Zimmer Continuum Hips, and Zimmer Durom Cup.

Infection From Hip or Knee Replacements

The Bair Hugger Warming Blanket is a surgical blanket that is utilized during knee and hip replacement surgeries to keep a patient warm. Studies suggest that the Bair Hugger may increase the spread of contaminant particles during surgery and may increase the risk of serious infection. These infections are resistant to antibiotics and often result in additional surgeries, and potentially amputation or even death.

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We will also discuss claims related to infections potentially spread during knee- and hip-replacement surgery by Bair Hugger products.

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Jury Gives Pinnacle Verdict of $497.6 Million

Johnson & Johnson has been hit hard with a $497.6 million verdict awarded to five individuals with defective Pinnacle hip implants. Out of the $497.6 million, approximately $360 million of damages were punitive. The verdict came today out of a bellwether trial in Dallas, Texas heard in front of Judge Ed Kinkeade of the U.S. […]

Answers to Metal-on-Metal Hip Questions Come Slowly but Surely

In many ways, the rise and fall of metal-on-metal hips has been like an uncontrolled experiment. Manufacturers performed minimal testing on the devices prior to releasing them into the marketplace. As metal-on-metal hips began to fail in patients, manufacturers took measures to delay – or avoid altogether – any acknowledgement that there was a problem […]

Stryker Bellwether Trial Categories Established in Federal MDL

Federal MDL in Minnesota Establishes Stryker Bellwether Trial Categories A small group of Stryker hip cases are being prepared for early trials, which are known in mass tort as “bellwether trials.” Bellwether trials are a way for the parties to determine how each case might be resolved if it were brought to trial. Thus, the […]

Broadspire Reimbursement Program for Hip Devices

As we discussed in a previous post, Stryker Orthopedics and DePuy Orthopedics have both hired Broadspire, a third-party claims administrator, to issue reimbursements for out-of-pocket medical expenses related to the recalled Stryker Rejuvenate, Stryker ABG II, and DePuy ASR hips. Our office has been pursuing defective hip device cases for several years now. We work […]

FDA Publishes Guidelines for Chromium and Cobalt Testing

It is very important that patients with metal-on-metal implants are monitored and receive the appropriate chromium and cobalt testing. As we pointed out in a post last fall, definitive answers to metal-on-metal questions are difficult to come by: “Since the manufacturers of MoM devices did not study the effects of metal wear, people have likened […]

Biomet Hip Settlement – M2a Magnum Hips

We are happy to report some good news regarding a recently-announced Biomet hip settlement. Yesterday, the Court proposed a settlement between Biomet and the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee (PSC) of the multi-district litigation on behalf of all plaintiffs who suffered a metal-on-metal  (MoM) related failure of their Biomet M2a 38 or Biomet M2a Magnum hip device. […]

Will We See More Stryker Hip Settlements in 2014?

Stryker Hip Settlements in 2013: So far, four Stryker hip cases have settled in mediation in New Jersey State Court. These cases were among the ten chosen by the parties and Judge Martinotti for mediation in late 2013. As part of the terms, the settlement amounts will not be disclosed. Currently, over 500 more cases […]

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